Newborn Session

Newborn Session


This fee includes a 2-3 hour session and all edited hi-res digital files available for download via a private online gallery. The number of images varies depending on each session, however is normally around 50 images. With approval, I provide a sneak-peak of some of your photos on Facebook a couple of days after the session and deliver the completed gallery within 3-4 weeks.

My newborn sessions are held in my home studio in Orange NSW. Newborns are best photographed between 4 and 12 days. At this age, they are generally able to curl up in to the tiny, sleepy, womb-like poses, as well as being less alert and more likely to sleep for longer periods of time. Don’t worry if you have missed this time frame though. Babies are still considered “newborn” until six weeks old, the posing may just be a little more lifestyle and natural in style.

This being said, each baby is different and has its own personality. I will never force a baby in to a pose they are not comfortable in, and run my sessions by taking their lead and direction. Some babies sleep through the whole thing and others are wide awake. Both are totally fine! Please don’t stress about their behaviour! We will capture them for who they are on that day. There may also be times when they get upset. That is also ok. We will pause and settle them! They’re still working this Earth thing out.

My posing and style is quite natural and mostly done on a bean bag or bowl. I use a mix of neutral tones and colours so that you have variety in your session, but that all compliment each other. Please checkout my Facebook or Instagram pages to see that this is right for you, and let me know if there are any specific colours, themes or poses that you like. If you would like to have any special items photographed with your baby, please also bring them along.

I will ask you (and your partner if they come along) to be in the photos. Now I totally understand this may not be something you want – you just had a baby and are no doubt not feeling your absolute best. But I promise you that you will look back on the photos and feel so much pride and love – and you only get this one chance to get them, plus, you’re paying me to take them! You don’t have to share them with anyone, but your kids will love seeing them when they are grown! So please let me! 🙂

Things to remember:

  • Your baby’s safety and comfort is always my number 1 priority. As part of this, the studio is kept very warm during the session to ensure they don’t get cold whilst being changed or when naked. So consider wearing a t-shirt under that jumper 🙂
  • You should try and keep baby awake before the session (if possible) so that they are tired and ready for a big sleep when they arrive
  • Dress them in a loose fitted nappy and clothes that won’t leave marks on their skin or require being pulled over their head, such as a Bonds Wondersuit
  • Depending on how far away you live, feed your baby just before you leave home. You are also welcome to feed them on arrival and as needed throughout the session to help with settling and comfort. Don’t forget to pack an extra bottle or two for bottle-fed baby’s as they tend to feed more than normal due to the heat in the room
  • Please bring a dummy, even if you don’t use or plan on using one long term, or even after that day. They can help to soothe a sucking baby and assist them with comfort and sleep throughout the session
  • If you would like to get any photos of you holding naked baby, please remember to pack a spare outfit for yourself – as accidents happen! 

A $200 deposit is due at the time of booking to secure your spot as I only book a limited number of sessions per month.


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